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Welcome To SAKAN POLYMERS We are here to help you enhance your product and at the same time retain the quality of the product packed. Contact us Your partner since 25 years and counting! We are your partner for all flexible packaging Fully-Integrated Flexible Packaging Solutions Leading brands turn to Sakan for the innovative premade Pouch, eco-friendly flexible packaging, and recyclable stand-up pouches. Contact Us

Packaging for food and drink

Find the right packaging solutions for your food, beverage or personal and home care products.

Packaging for Good

Our sustainability packaging solutions are designed for recycling to establish a circular economy for packaging materials.

Fully-Integrated Flexible Packaging

Providing custom packaging products for markets that continue to become more and more diverse in scope.

About Sakan Polymers

We’re passionate about helping brands enhance their impressions through reliable, responsible and innovative packaging solutions. Being around in India for over 8 decades, our leadership in flexible packaging and decorative labelling solutions is built across all modern technologies to enable consistent, safe and memorable consumer experiences with the right packaging.

For over 30 years, Sakan Polymers has provided custom packaging products for markets that continue to become more and more diverse in scope. Using our knowledge, experience and advanced form, fill and seal equipment, we offer quality packaging that fits each customer’s specific requirements. From sealed pouches to laminate structures and sachet packets, our expert team is capable of printing flexible packaging products that best suit your brand’s specifications.

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Our Products

Co-extruded highly stretchable plastic film, from virgin material, wrapped around items, to secure, bundle, and stabilize products.

Shrink film, When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Printed and plain shrink hood films for wrapping and protecting pallets and goods.

Ready to take your product offering to the next level? Shop our wide selection laminated packaging and we will help you stand out among the retail shelf.

Sakan Polymers is a manufacturer, converter and wholesale supplier of poly bags. We also offer Custom Size and Custom Printing on all of our poly bags.

LLDPE is the most flexible of the plastic sheeting films. LLDPE is blended form of LDPE where the film has much more flexibility, tensile strength, and conformability.

Mulch films are advanced multi-layer films offering UV protection and in a wide range of thicknesses and widths according to specific growers’ needs.

HDPE has the distinction of being the strongest, toughest, most chemical resistant and least flexible, holding up to the harsh rays of the sun without needing UV additive packages.

Sakan blown film applications deliver effective solutions for packaging based on innovative technologies. We draw on decades of experience to help our partners.

Our Mission

Our comprehensive understanding of the local as well as global packaging market is leveraged to give clients efficient packaging solutions that are cost-effective and meet brand objectives. 

Many flexible packaging manufacturers offer a standard “menu” of flexible packaging materials. Not Sakan. We excel at customized applications

Pharmaceutical Grade Bags
Food Grade Bags

Sakan Pharma grade are available in bags, sacks, liners and hoods. For many years Pharma grade bags have been widely used within the Pharmaceutical Industry for the bulk packaging of powders and tablets.

Food grade polymer and specialist anti-static additives are extruded, and material converted in our dedicated pharma conversion unit, providing fast turnaround, full traceability and control, which is critical for our customers:

  -Pharmacopeia compliant.

  -EEC Food Contact compliant.

  -FDA approved.

  -Products supplied with Certificate of Analysis (listing the electrical test results).

  -Heavy duty with excellent strength seals.

Sakan LDPE bags are produced to customer specifications and are manufactured using Virgin polymers. The LDPE (low density polyethylene) bags are ideal for packaging & gamma irradiation of the powders, components and products. This is the thermoplastic made from a monomer ethylene. Its manufacture employs a similar method nowadays.

  -Food Grade, bottom or side weld

  -Clear or Blue tinted


  -Widths ranging from 250-2,300mm, in varying thicknesses to suit your requirements.


  • “Sakan Polymers has been noted as a critical supplier to us and has been a part of our success over the years. Sakan polymers continue to be a tremendous support and a great team to work with! When the needs arise, Sakan has always stepped up to the plate to satisfy this customer with not only timeliness but backed with quality! ”

  • “THANK YOU so much for keeping me sane and pushing hard to ship the cracker bags to us. They look absolutely beautiful–everything we had imagined.“

  • “I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone on the Sakan team for making this project happen. Great job, all of you should be recognized for your hard work and effort. You guys are highly valued and always reliable.”

  • We seemed to understand each other very quickly. We were in the middle of launching some of our new jerky products and there were a lot of changes happening. Sakan’s team was very accommodating and our communications were good. They went all-out to help us out of a bind.

    Marketing Head
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